FKT: Lee Berube - Adirondack Great Range Traverse (NY) - 2017-09-02

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 27m 30s

Lee Berube wrote:

"I ran the GRT in 5:27:30 today. Started at 9:00 am. Near perfect conditions out there today. Write up to follow."

"I had initially planned to make my attempt for this FKT on September 16th but changed my plans and moved up my training schedule due to the weather. I wanted to run conservatively until Gothics; running off Tom's splits. It was very cold in the morning so it benefited me to wait until 9:00 am to start. The trails were in near prefect condition from Roostercomb to Marcy. I went out at what I thought was a conservative pace. Much to my surprise my split to the top of Roostercomb was under 27 minutes. I ran at the same perceived tempo until Gothics and then the real work began. Descents are certainly my weakness so I pushed as fast as possible down the first slide. I attacked the descents off Saddleback and Basin with equal determination. Haystack and Marcy presented a new challenge; droves of meandering hikers unaware of my ambitious pursuit. I arrived at JBL well under the previous record pace and was confident that the record would be mine as the last three miles of undulating trails to the Garden parking lot suit me."