FKT: Lee Butters - Augustine Camino - 2023-06-03

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16h 46m 43s

This route starts but a few steps from my flat.pretty good route .Similar in many ways to many of the other trails here in Kent .many of which it briefly touches. I will say though that whether I got lucky or not with some early trail work having been done,I can’t say for sure.But I’ve done a number of these things now and it really felt as though the powers of Augustine himself and the pilgrims that follow have taken care of this route.and that felt kind of special.after all most routes are but pilgrimages back to our sole.the route marking was some of the best I’ve seen and felt quite up to date.I thank all of the walkers for all that they do.I had a pretty good day and used the supermarket at faversham and canterbury. Any help I can give just ask ,and keep moving