FKT: Lee Butters - Saxon Shore Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-06-21

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3d 7h 30m 0s

Started at 5am on 18th June and finished 21st June at 12:30pm.started in Hastings at the start point on rock-a-nare road and made my way to Dover for the first push of 56.62 miles.stayed overnight in cheap room and got going again a few hours later at around 5am to Faversham,a push of 51.17 miles.Next day it was Faversham to Rochester, 43.78 miler.The last push was Rochester to the finishing point at town pier of 20.68miles.i finished right on 12:30(easier to work out the math).and so 79 hours and 30 minutes or 3 days 7 hours and 30 mileage 172.45.This was a compromise on better things for another second June period in a row,but good all the same.80 hours of time with yourself meditating through the miles is glorious as always.its a fast flat route and at times feels like you could be on the coast paths.though with good long days comes the drenching and bushwhacking though head height nettles and thistles.thanks as always to Buzz and the team for all their work and if anyone wants to go after this then let me know if you need any beta