FKT: Lee Wingate - JOGLE / LEJOG (UK) - 2023-09-25

Route variation
Gender category
Start date
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Total time
25d 2h 21m 0s

For the last 3 years I have tried to complete jogle unsupported with a lot of bad luck along the way, this was my 3rd attempt and I built my own custom pram that I could push or pull using a harness which I made specifically to fit all my equipment and enough food and snacks to last the whole duration with extras as spare for if anything went wrong. I also brought some basic tools and spare front wheels as I realised from other unsupported challenges that was the weakest area of the pram.

I set off on September 1st and for the first 10 days I was in a heatwave. The pram broke at the end of day one which I had to stop and swap for one of my other wheels. This wheel lasted over 500 miles before it wore out and then I swapped to the third to finish. The harness for the pull function for the pram broke around day 20 due to the pram keep toppling over and twisting the harness but I still had the push function so I could finish. If the pram completely failed i also had a backpack to try to finish the category but thankfully it never come to that.

i wild camped the whole way through and never entered or approached any shop, hotel or b and b. I collected all my water from natural resources or public taps in public gardens not connected to any buildings. I used purification tablets as well as a filter on all water collected. I had 1-3 options of different water sources most days or every other day so planned my water intake to each distance to the next water source.

when people approached me I would explain I cannot interact and give them a business card (which I pre agreed with fkt) which explained my challenge and then I would leave as I didn’t want to be rude and stay as true to the category as possible.

I had 7/8 police safety checks throughout where they would check I had a hi vis, lights and adequate clothing for where I was then they would leave.

during the middle part it was general cloudy and rainy weather and then it turned into a storm with floods (storm lee) this lasted for 4/5 days of constantly being wet and having to dry everything as I went. 
mat one camp spot the police asked me to move 500 yards to a safer place. They did not help me move as I explained it would effect my record so they gave me an hour to pack up and leave and move on which I did and re set up in a lay-by.

in the end I finished the last 10 miles on the 25th September. It was an amazing feeling and relief to see my family again.

I was surprised how well my planning and equipment worked and that I did not get lost too many times. I took 4 power banks and 2 solar chargers to keep everything fully charged. 
I tried to make sure in cities I would keep moving so I could have no accusations of going near shops but a few times my pram broke so I would have to do quick fixes to keep moving or I would have to stop to sort out sores/sweat or drink swap overs.

this is the most difficult thing I have ever done and can proudly say I stuck as true as I can to being unsupported and anyone who offered me anything along the way i declined and gave them a card to explain why.


Lee, this is a fantastic triumph of the will, the mind, and the feet! You have my deep admiration!