FKT: Leon Chevalier - Dan Booth Round (United Kingdom) - 2022-12-09

Route variation
any route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 11m 30s
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Mark Threlfall (from Youtube's Global Triathlon Network) and I had been talking about attempting this one for a while. I live about a hundred yards away from the route, and it is such a great way of discovering new trails, and linking them up with many that I already know!

We wanted to make a video for the channel with this one, but as I was nearing the end of off season and about to start structured training again, the 9th of December was our last chance to give it a crack. We totally lacked preparation for this and were ready to wing it!

Mark had attempted the FKT a year ago and thus knew the route well -- he was able to show me around some of tricky junctions and saved me some precious time there!

The conditions were ideal for a fast time: bluebird sky, cold temperatures and hard compact ground as it had been freezing for a few days already. The going was very quick and we didn't have to carry too much in the way of hydration as we weren't going to be too hot.

At halfway we were through in 1h28 and we had good pace; at that point I still thought we may be able to go under 3 hrs. Unfortunately Mark started to feel the (serious) lack of training after 23ish km and the pace dropped. We started having to walk up to Solisbury hill and then Bannerdown.

At the George Inn (bottom of final climb up to Uni of Bath), we made the executive decision that we wouldn't be able to stick together and still go under the previous fastest time. Mark let me go and I pushed on to sneak under Ben's time! However, as this attempt is classified as "supported", I guess Ben still holds the proper FKT! Mark came home a bit later -- still under his previous record but behind Ben's time.

I will definitely be back in better shape, with better preparation, and try to go under 3 hrs! 

Anyways, this is an amazing route, I highly recommend it!