FKT: Liam Cregan - Monroe Skyline Gap-to-Gap-to-Gap (VT) - 2020-07-11

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4h 7m 29s

It rained all night, probably more than an inch, so we had a lazy morning waiting for the weather to clear. I was so relaxed I didn’t feel like going, but we decided to head over to Appalachian Gap to see what was what and I ate about 800 calories of chocolate chip cookies on the ride. I wanted to go for the record but wasn’t sure how my foot would respond since I am only just coming back online after a few weeks on the bike while recovering from plantar fasciitis. Once I hit the trail, I felt good despite the humidity, wet conditions, and taking a wrong turn at the first ski lift. I hit the turnaround in 2 hours and my foot wasn't bothering me too much, so I was pretty sure I had it. I took a short break before hiking easy up Mount Abraham while eating the tortilla chips I carried with me. After that, I put in some serious work on the back half and really needed to keep focus through the persistent mud I had sailed over on the way out. I ran into Jo at one of the Mad River Glen lifts (she hiked to Mount Ellen and back while I was running), so I even got a pic out of it. Then we hit Warren Falls. Great day in the mountains.