Route: Monroe Skyline Gap-to-Gap-to-Gap (VT)

Vermont, US
20.7 mi
Vertical Gain
5,800 ft

Brian Culmo posted the route:

The Monroe Skyline is an iconic section of the Long Trail in Vermont. This run is on the southern part of the section, It covers 2 of Vermont's 5 4000ft peaks (Mt. Abraham and Mt. Ellen) and traverses one of Vermonts most prominent ridgelines. This Gap2Gap2Gap run (Appalachian Gap to Lincoln Gap) follows the Long Trail the entire time. I started at Appalachian Gap and ran on the LT southbound to Lincoln Gap then ran back on the LT northbound to finish at Appalachian Gap.

Gap2Gap is 10.25 miles with just over 3000ft elevation gain
The Gap2Gap2Gap is 20.5 miles with over 6000ft elevation gain
(Distances and elevation according to my GPS, published distances are actually slightly longer)

I did the run in October [2014] during the first snowfall of the year, so conditions were not ideal for a super fast time, but I was able to lay down something. I was driven by my friend Laura, who saw me off and was there at Appalachian Gap when I finished. She also met me at the top of Mt. Abraham, I stopped to chat briefly, but I did not receive any support from her. I ran unsupported, and carried all the water and things I needed for the run. A list of gear I used is listed in my blog post. You can read my account of the run on my blog (linked below). I ran with my Garmin Forerunner 210, and have put a link to the GPS data below.

I ran the trail as a Gap2Gap2Gap, but would be interested if anyone has set a fast time going just one direction (Gap2Gap). During my run I made it from Appalachian Gap to Lincoln Gap in 2hrs40min, so I guess that could be considered the FKT for now for the one way trip.

I posted this same FKT on this site a few months ago, but somehow it got deleted. So if this look familiar it is because I am just reposting what I had put up before.

blog post: [Culmo's blog link is no longer active]

Garmin Data:

Due to some confusion, I should clarify that this is not for the entire Monroe Skyline (Lincoln Gap to Winooski River, 30 miles) but the section from Appalachian Gap to Lincoln gap then back to Appalachian Gap.