FKT: Liam Davis - White Mountains Hut Traverse (NH) - 2018-07-19

Route variation
Standard Traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
11h 46m 14s

I carried all of my own calories and gear and only used the huts as water sources.

I had my watch set for a less frequent recording interval to conserve battery, which might explain the slightly lower mileage.

I hiked into Carter Notch Hut at 3:00am, arrived at around 4:40am. I started running at 5:00am and finished at Lonesome Lake Hut at 4:46pm. I signed the log book at each hut and included the time that I arrived.

My Hut arrival times were as follows:
Carter - 5:00am
Madison - 7:11am
Lake of the Clouds - 8:43am
Mizpah Spring - 9:44am
Zealand Falls - 11:31am
Galehead - 1:26pm
Greenleaf - 3:45pm
Lonesome Lake - 4:46pm