FKT: Lila Gaudrault - Mount Agamenticus 3 Peaks (ME) - 2024-01-04

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1h 2m 16s
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This was a fun route to tackle as a workout prior to some upcoming ultramarathons! I began at the parking lot trailhead and followed essentially the same route as other FKT holders. The trails here are pretty confusing to navigate, even though I have raced here previously and had the route downloaded on my watch. However, having run the route yesterday to get a better idea of directions, I only got turned around once! The other difficult aspect was some icy spots on the Sweet Fern descent and near the top of the Third Hill. I slipped once (yesterday when running here I had a bad fall and my tailbone was pretty sore today!) but luckily most of the ice was easy to get around. I look forward to trying this route again in the spring and hopefully going for a sub-60!