FKT: Lisa Green - Oval Peak (WA) - 2022-10-08

Route variation
Oval up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 9m 6s
GPS track(s)

I had tagged Star & Courtney a couple years ago, but left Oval as unfinished business and came back to take care of that while peeping some larches. The W Fork Buttermilk trail had quite a few more blow downs from 2 years ago, which were annoying but no real issue. Once leaving the main trail and heading up towards Oval it was just a matter of finding the path of least resistance until the lake (which seemed to work out better on the ascent and less so on the descent). Once at the lake, things opened up and it was smooth sailing up to the ridgeline where the choss-fest started. The final climb up the ridgeline was slow going, but your pretty standard heap of boulders for the chelan-sawtooths. Refilled water in the creek just before the lake on the descent and then started the blow down rodeo back to the main trail. Staying on brand with all my adventures this summer: this took way longer than I thought it would.