FKT: Lisa Green - San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse (CA) - 2017-11-18

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13h 28m 0s

I did this route as a loop instead of a car shuttle/point to point. Started at the Vivian Creek trailhead, summited all 9 peaks, from the final summit of East San Bernadino peak I backtracked to rejoin the main trail and then took the (very overgrown) Momyer trail back down the forest falls road, and ran a short road section back to the Vivian Creek TH.

This is an oldie [submitted 1/9/2020] (and of course I forgot to start my watch immediately, brain not functioning at 4am apparently), but wanted to see about throwing it up here anyway :) I do have a photo that I took in the parking lot shortly before starting, which is time stamped 4:08am, so to be conservative I'm adding 20 minutes on to the start time on this GPX track.