FKT: Liz Lierman - Vertical Kilometer, Mt Mansfield (VT) - 2020-09-27

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1h 25m 20s
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Started from the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Mountain Road in Underhill, since that's how the route is shown on the FKT map. I went from there to the Mt. Mansfield summit via the FKT route (Mountain Road to Eagle's Cut to Laura Cowles trail) in a total time of 1:25:20, distance of 4.82 miles, 3492 feet of vertical gain. It's worth noting that the old FKT was listed as a time of 1:36, which is the same time listed for that attempt on the Strava segment associated with this route. The Strava segment, however, starts almost a mile farther up the road toward the state park - my GPS said my time was 1:17:13 for that segment of 3.92 miles. I am assuming the longer route is the FKT route and have listed my time for the longer route with this submission, though I'm wondering based on the previous FKT whether the shorter Strava segment time and distance should be used instead. Either way, it was a gorgeous day on the mountain - like summer but with the leaves turning. The technical part of this route is really the final two miles - you can move along at a decent clip until then. Would love to do more vertical kilometers in the future!