FKT: Lizi Bolanos-Nauth, Hillary Allen - Sanitarado (Boulder, CO) - 2020-11-22

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7h 10m 24s
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We started at 6:35 am on November 22nd, 2020. It was a cool morning. Our traverse up Eldo Mountain was smooth and we didn't seem to get off route. Especially challenging given the recent storms which left a lot of tree trunks and branches down. We did have a bit of a navigation issue on the return but didn't cost us too much time.  We had a great traverse to South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak and Green, where despite the cool temperatures it was a bit busy. We stopped briefly at crossing Flagstaff road to replenish water, which we had hidden the day before. Then we tagged Flagstaff mountain and descended to  the final peak, Mt. Sanitas. It was a great day, never  got too warm.  We were both thankful to have enjoyed a day like this together. We are also thankful for the preparation and support of our coach Adam St. Pierre.