Route: Sanitarado (Boulder, CO)

Colorado, US

Sanitarado is the name given to a route that lies primarily in the City of Boulder (CO) Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP), but also partially in Eldorado Canyon State Park. The route connects the summits of Mt Sanitas, Flagstaff Mtn, Green Mtn, Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak and Eldorado Mtn. It is about 19 miles long, and involves 8500 vertical feet of ascending (and descending). Most of the route is on trails, but the final roughly 1500 vertical feet on Eldorado Mtn are off-trail (and in an OSMP Habitat Conservation Area, which requires an off-trail permit for legal travel, see this page for more information.)

The Sanitarado (and the reverse route, known as "Eldoitas") has been done for by locals for decades, but few times have been recorded for posterity.  Bill Wright's trail running records site for the Boulder area lists himself and Mark Oveson as holding the FKT for Sanitarado at 7h49m (TH-to-TH), and Kreighton Beiger as holding the Eldoitas record at 6h56m37s.  No dates are given for these, so we are listing them here instead of in the FKT list.  They were certainly prior to 2011.

Note that Sanitarado is about a mile longer now than in 2011 because of the reroute of the Green-Bear trail. It's probably slower too because of damage to some trails in the September 2013 flood. Shadow Canyon is particularly rough now - hard to run down well.

GPS Track
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