FKT: Logan Greydanus - Mt Sneffels (CO) - 2020-09-04

Gender category
Route variation
lower TH, car-to-car
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 27m 52s
GPS track(s)

I have been wanting to give this route a fast time for a while and scouted it out 3 times last week. I used two cuts on the road section before the 4wd parking lot that the previous runners did not take both up and down. As the route is just car-summit-car I felt this was okay but feel free to lite me up in the comments if not! I love this mountain so much and it was great to give it a good shot. All other times on this peak are stout, shoutout to Jackson and Tyler!


4wd parking lot: 30:20

Summit: 1:00:04

4wd parking lot: 1:15:x

2wd parking lot: 1:27:52


Also - skied this route back in May in 1:35 if anyone is ever looking for a fast ski time to beat!