Route: Mt Sneffels (CO)

Colorado, US
7.4 mi
Vertical Gain
3,173 ft

The South Slopes route is described here:

We track the car-to-car FKT from the lower TH at 11,350'.  Runners may also record splits for the round-trip from the upper (4WD) TH at 12,460', which has a Strava Segment.  From the lower TH it is 6 miles RT, with 2900' of elevation gain.

GPS Track


Woke up this morning with no real plan and decided to check the old fkt site for ideas.  The first thing that came up on top of the route list was Sneffels.  I figured why not give her a whirl, its been about a decade since i went up there. 


I started at the 2wd parking.

2wd Parking to Summit:  1:12

Summit to 2wd Parking : 0:35

Overall: 1:47:08


From the 4wd parking lot where there is the bathroom i ran 1:02 up, 0:30 down for 1:32 overall, but it appears as though the route here will be from the 2wd parking.

I took a slightly different and longer route than the route described above.  I think that it is better as it includes a bit more single track than jeep road, and also makes a nice little trail loop in the basin.


I might try this again in a few days, i think i can knock off another 10 minutes or so.


Realistically i think another 15-20 minutes could be shaved by somebody fit, without holes in there shoes, and without a square sausage burrito from coffee bear sitting in there gut.


Heres the info

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