FKT: Lucas Henson - Driftless Horse Trail, Governor Dodge State Park (WI) - 2020-08-30

Route variation
one loop
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Total time
2h 4m 35s
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I ran the single Horse Trail loop (clockwise) in Governor Dodge State Park. I started early so that gave me low temperatures but high humidity and running with a headlamp for the first 7 miles. Due to the low temps and high humidity there was a lot of fog in the lower laying areas and next to the lakes. I carried my handheld water bottle and didn't see a single person on the trail! Portions of the trail were overgrown. There was also a lot of horse dung piles that I had to try and dodge the entire time. There were a lot of smaller steep hills that almost made it feel like a roller coaster ride! I would love to come back and do this when I don't need a headlamp.


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Great effort!  I gave this one a shot today, but I just wasn't ready for those steep climbs around miles 6-8, and it got really wet/muddy in a few spots.  Fun trail though, I appreciated the clear markings and signage.  Didn't realize how big the park really is!