FKT: Lucinda Burton, Sally Barnes - The Scenic Rim Trail - 2024-01-07

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9h 59m 46s
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Setting off from the trailhead at 4am, we made our way through the long overgrown grass, up the hill.  This first section was tough going, while we had set out to run, we took the trail easy and stopped regularly for picys and snacks.  We were met with an amazing sunrise that made the climb all worth it.  We arrived at the first walkers camp by 630.  After the first camp-site, the trail was reasonably runnable until the second camp-site (0845). Then we decended into the rainforest where the trail was generally indiscernible from the rest of the rainforest.  Overgrown in most places with a number of fallen trees to negotiate. We emerged from the rainforest floor and climbed up via Cascade Falls and arrived at walkers camp 3 by 1130.  Onto Bare Rock and Mt Cordeaux, finishing by 2pm.  Definately need a GPX and map to follow for this one.