FKT: Luiza Barteldes Farinha - American Tobacco Trail (NC) - 2020-11-02

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 58m 47s

Felt great and on schedule the first way. Arrived at mile zero in 4 hours with two bathroom breaks. Around mile 28, my knee started to hurt so I had to alternate between more walking and jogging. Bummer. But this kind of run is unpredictable anyway. So my way back was one hour slower due to this plus I had to stop twice to adjust my vest and add more pre workout and such. Last 8 miles all power walking as fast as I could, around 13/14 min mile. Never wanted to cry and vomit so hard. I carried 4 liters of liquids, plus gels and snacks. I only had gels and perform/sustain elite, as I couldn’t stomach any of the food I brought. I had to phone my husband to talk a bit for some “support”. Last mile I was so angry that the finish was taking so long, I started to run again besides the pain. Finished totally broken. Glad it’s over! Arrived home for a well deserved warm meal. Brutal! I don’t think I will ever run more than 30 again!