Route: American Tobacco Trail (NC)

Submitted by Dylan Beres on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 12:34pm
North Carolina, US
22 mi

Taken from Wikipedia:

The American Tobacco Trail (ATT) is a 22.6-mile (36.4 km) long Rails-to-Trails project located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, running along an abandoned railroad bed originally built for the American Tobacco Company in the 1970s. The route crosses through the City of Durham, Durham County, Chatham County, and Wake County. The ATT is part of the East Coast Greenway and is open to pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians (in non-urban sections) and other non-motorized users.



Thanks for the heads up, Jon. I wasn't aware there was a Strava segment, but given there isnt any info on any of those attempts being completed in a true unsupported style, I think my submission is warranted.