FKT: Luke Bollschweiler - Clingman's Dome, Appalachian Trail (NC, TN) - 2021-07-17

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 58m 56s

Great weather day-- 65 degrees and misty! After a moderately hard ascent to set the first Ascent FKT I turned around for the descent to set the new FKT on the Up & Down. This is a technical trail to descend fast! It's a lot of fun-- just bring your rock and root hopping "A-game" for those who want to challenge it! I rolled my left ankle 3 times on the descent, each time making me more angry and building up the pain. I couldn't plant my foot as securely as I wanted but I ignored most of the pain. I'm writing this summary the next morning and I now don't think I did much damage to my ankle so it's OK! (You know in that instant you roll it you think, I should stop running! This really hurts!) I was happy to get the sub 3hr-- had to dig deep on the final climbs to get it!


The below section is for the FKT website admin: 

You'll see in the GPX files that there was a 28 sec delay in stopping the Ascent and starting the Descent. The times show the following:



So, adding the overall times of the Ascent and Descent and the additional 28 seconds of pause between the files, the total is 2:58:56

Ascent: 1:39:47

Descent: 1:18:41

Pause: 0:00:28

Total: 2:58:56