FKT: Luke Miller - Twin Valley Trail (OH) - 2020-08-21

Route variation
Double Twin
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 30m 34s

I got to enjoy the beautiful sunrise when I arrived at Kercher park. I left my car parked at Kercher to serve as an aid station. I ran the Twin Valley Trail course (TVT) in a figure 8 starting with the North loop in clockwise direction and then south loop in counterclockwise direction and then repeat.  My race plan was to try and run as consistently as I could for the entire 52 miles. I found myself having to hold back at multiple spots on that first loop to make sure I could keep up the pace on lap two.  This game plan had me finish lap 1 in just under 5 hrs but I was 30 minutes behind the previous FKT holder at that point. I tried to quickly change socks, refill water and food, grabbed a sock filled with ice and wrapped it around my neck  and got moving again.  By the time I finished the North loop for the second time I was ahead of the FKT time and back at the car for my last refill.  The heat really started to effect me for the 2nd south loop. I started to slow down a bit but was able to hold my focus and finish strong with a time of 10:30:34