FKT: Maggie Fox - Camp Murphy Loop (FL) - 2024-01-03

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2h 46m 6s
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Ran solo. Took 4 gels and drank 1.5 liters of fluids (500ml water and 1 liter of electrolytes). Very muddy. Much of the trail was underwater due to recent rainfall. Some sections I was shin deep in water. The rest of the trail was sand. Only saw people in the parking area. Did not see any wildlife other than birds. 

One section of the route was closed. I attempted to run the trail anyways but had to turn back when I encountered a full swamp situation. I backtracked and ran along the train tracks for equal mileage. Around mile 13 I could not cross the train tracks in the location on the route so I ran on the eastern side until the next crossing and then backtracked to meetup with the trail. This added the extra .3 miles. 

The trail turns are not self explanatory in several locations and the gps navigation on my COROS Pace3 was not super accurate. I suggest have an alternate map loaded on a phone to zoom in. I used Maprika.