FKT: Marc-Antoine Vanier - Le Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix (QC, Canada) - 2021-06-06

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point to point
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Total time
6h 36m 7s
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I started from Domaine Ligori with 2 friends that were going to run the first climb up to Le Massif ski resort. I took the lead early in the climb and the gap with them grew prety fast, so I just kept gooing alone. It was a warm and humid day, so I needed to refil water many times on the way. Fortunately, water is eassy to find on that trail.  Several friends were also on the trail approximately 41 km from the start. I got cheering, watermelon and water from them, so this run should be considered as supported.

Route precision near the Ligori Cabin; the trail marked in red on the map pass directly by the cabin, but on the field the signalisation suggest that the red route goes straight. The original .gpx file for the FKT goes arround and pass directly by the cabin, but the previous FKT went strainght.  It not a big difference, but it could be clarified. I suggest to use the straight route as it is less confusing with the signalisation and there is no mention in the original FKt that you have to go to every Cabin on the way.