FKT: Marcin Matysiak - Południowy Krawędziowy Szlak Puszczy Kampinoskiej (Niebieski, Poland) - 2021-04-24

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Total time
4h 53m 45s

It was my third complete trail in the Kampinos forest. Without any sports or mental preparation, I ran it quite lightly. The great spring weather certainly helped. In the morning around 2st C and noon around 8st C. I recommend this trail to people who would like to run a longer route completely "light", even without a water bag (of course not in hot summer). On the 23rd kilometer (in Zaborów) and then on the 32nd kilometer (in Leszno) we run near the store and you can do shopping. The route is nicely intertwined with other Kampinos routes, but it also crosses the southern outskirts of Kampinos alone. I was running calmly (at the pace limit 5: 30/6:00) which gives the total time less than 5 hours. I think that taking a minimum of 30 minutes should not be a problem – lets fight.

There are those who have run this trail earlier and faster - but have not added their runs to the FKT. Therefore, let it be the first time at FKT...