FKT: Marcin Matysiak - Zielony Szlak Puszczy Kampinoskiej (Północny - Krawędziowy, Poland) - 2022-03-26

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3h 40m 2s

The next (fourth, full route of the Kampinos Forest) is the northern route, running along the edge of the park from Modlin to Tułowice. The distance of about 41 kilometers (almost a marathon) is a lot, but the forest trail is definitely beautiful. The start at the railway station in Modlin (because I started from this side) is logistically easier. The car can be left at the viaduct over the tracks from where we have 300 meters to the beginning (or the end of the trail). I think it is better to do the trail from this side to overcome the boring asphalts at the beginning of the route, not at the end. There is also asphalt at the end, but only 1.5 km, not 13 km (as at the beginning). There are no shops on the way so you have to bring water and a snack. For me, 1 liter in a water bag (it was rather cool), one bar and a gel. On very warm days, it is better to have more water. During my run - it was blowing hard in my face. It was only in the forest that it was calmer. I was running at a pace of 5:10 min / km so it was 3h38min in total. Additional stops to take photos and admire the wildlife did little to change this time (3:40). The trail is dry and quite hard. No need to run in aggressive tread. The end of the trail is located in Osada Puszczańska where you can take advantage of a restaurant in the forest (eat and warm up on cooler days). This is a good place to meet someone who will take you back to Modlin to get your car.