FKT: Marcy Beard - Bay Area Ocean to Bay (CA) - 2018-06-10

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Total time
13h 29m 18s

Marcy's run was unsupported, only getting water from existing fountains along the way, not buying anything or getting assistance from anyone.

She reported:

Fun route on a beautiful day. I ran through redwood forests, crossed two ridges, explored open spaces, ran down through the popular Rancho San Antonio park, coasted along several miles on slightly downhill streets to Stevens Creek bike path, jogged past the sloughs, and finished at the Bay. The only battle was with a strong north wind right at the end. I'll write up a blog post with a trip report and a bunch more photos this week.


My splits:
Water fountain near Big Basin HQ = 3:01
Crossing China Grade Road = 4:28
Waterman Gap Trail Camp = 5:38
Saratoga Gap = 7:28
Crossing Stevens Creek the first time = 8:47
Black Mountain Backpack Camp = 10:00
Crossing under I-280 = 11:40
Crossing El Camino Real = 12:23
Finish = 13:29:18