Athlete: Marcy Beard



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Superstition Ridgeline (AZ) one way Unsupported 5h 3m 21s
Hole to Hump (AZ) Standard route Supported 20h 16m 3s
Yosemite R2R2R (CA) River2River2River Self-supported 7h 2m 11s
McGown Peak Circumnavigation (ID) Standard loop Unsupported 5h 22m 0s
All Trails on Mt Falcon (CO) Standard route Unsupported 3h 53m 19s
Red Basin Clam Beds Loop (AZ) Loop Unsupported 1h 19m 40s
Tucson Five (AZ) Standard route Supported 2d 10h 4m 0s
Chiricahua All Trails (AZ) open course Unsupported 7h 36m 32s
National Trail (AZ) out & back Self-supported 6h 58m 22s
National Trail (AZ) One way Unsupported 3h 23m 53s
Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ) Standard route Unsupported 7h 0m 36s
Zion Downhill (UT) Standard route Unsupported 16h 56m 34s
Bay to Mt Umunhum (CA) Um to Bay, open course Supported 5h 53m 6s
Sidewinder Trail (CO) one way Unsupported 4h 36m 52s
Round Hump (AZ) loop Supported 7h 55m 52s
Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ) Standard route Self-supported 8h 18m 36s
Flagstaff AZT Loop (AZ) Standard route Supported 10h 57m 55s
Phoenix Phearsome Phour (AZ) point-to-point Supported 6h 58m 21s
Flagstaff Fearsome Four (AZ) Ultra Version (no vehicles) Supported 21h 19m 39s
Humphreys Peak (AZ) up & back from Flagstaff Self-supported 12h 9m 47s
Wind Caves Loop (UT) Standard route Unsupported 3h 50m 47s
Reno to Rose (NV) Reno Arch to Summit Supported 7h 19m 57s
Bay to Mt Umunhum (CA) Bay to Um, open course Self-supported 7h 29m 8s
Bay Area Two Bridges (CA) one way Unsupported 5h 36m 39s
Flagstaff Loop Trail (AZ) Standard loop Supported 10h 8m 46s
Watermelon Loop in the Sandias (NM) Standard route Unsupported 6h 41m 24s
Pin-Chin-Sky (aka Skyway) Loop (AL) one loop Supported 5h 47m 47s
Foothills Trail (NC, SC) out & back Supported 2d 21h 43m 35s
Crowders Mtn (NC) Crowders & Pinnacle, TH-to-TH Supported 2h 20m 21s
Chief Illini Trail (IL) out & back Supported 6h 24m 58s
Wabash Trace Nature Trail (IA) one way Supported 13h 24m 31s
Teton Circumnavigation (WY) Standard route Supported 12h 39m 35s
Missoula Mountain Trifecta (MT) Standard route Unsupported 5h 7m 52s
Grand Isle Loop (VT) Standard route Supported 5h 14m 37s
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail (CA) out & back Self-supported 17h 5m 35s
South Bay Dumbarton Loop (CA) Standard route Self-supported 6h 36m 46s
Bay to Ridge Trail (CA) out & back Self-supported 9h 19m 5s
San Jacinto Peak (CA) Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C) Self-supported 13h 30m 4s
Marin High 5 (CA) Standard route Self-supported 14h 30m 26s
South Bay Dumbarton Loop (CA) Standard route Self-supported 7h 2m 50s
Mailbox Peak (WA) new trail, gate-to-gate Unsupported 3h 28m 30s
Marys Peak (OR) North Ridge ascent Unsupported 1h 17m 18s
Bay Area Ocean to Bay (CA) Standard route Unsupported 13h 29m 18s
Skyline to the Sea Trail (CA) out & back Unsupported 15h 1m 11s
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail (CA) one way Unsupported 7h 32m 44s
High Line Canal Trail (CO) Standard route Supported 14h 4m 29s
Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO) out & back pre-2020 Unsupported 3h 3m 51s
Lone Star Hiking Trail (TX) one way Supported 1d 0h 27m 43s
Alamo to Austin (TX) Standard route Self-supported 18h 46m 20s
Haleakala (HI) ascent from Kaupo Unsupported 7h 17m 11s
Haleakala (HI) round trip from Kaupo Supported 13h 26m 32s