FKT: Marcy Beard - East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail (CA) - 2018-02-01

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 32m 44s

First women's time for this FKT = 7:32:44

Now that is definitely a low bar, but I'm quite satisfied with the effort.  Wonderful trails!  I really enjoyed the route.  I was careful at intersections to not make mistakes (it's my first time through here), and I could shave time knowing the turns.  I also stopped to take a few photos.  Such scenery.  There are some excellent runnable sections, and I was able to push the pace in the last third.

I'll compile a run report in the next few days.

Edit - adding some split times (I didn't think about recording these until I was on the trail, so I picked a few spots along the way):
  Bathroom at Inspiration Point = 1:37
  Bathroom at Steam Train = 2:24
  Bathroom at Sibley Staging Area = 3:13
  Fountain at Skyline Gate = 4:00
  End of French Trail = 5:13
  MacDonald Gate = 5:40
  Start of Brandon Trail = 6:32
  Finish = 7:32:44

Thank you Jim for setting up this FKT!

My run report:

InReach tracking files are attached (10 minute intervals).

I enjoyed this one a lot.  Might have to try it again sometime.  Certainly just knowing the turns would make it faster, but you never know how you're going to feel any particular day.  Plus "winter" is almost over here...  :)



Garmin route.gpx (8.97 KB)

Garmin route.kml (104.88 KB)