FKT: Marcy Beard - High Line Canal Trail (CO) - 2017-06-30

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14h 4m 29s

FKT run (first female time) complete!  I finished yesterday in a total time of 14:04:29, supported by my husband at various points and a friend who ran 10 miles with me.  It was a remarkably cool summer day in Denver, although later in the day (maybe 80 degrees) was a bit rough.  Nice trail!  I ran a large % on dirt/gravel/grass and didn't have to pound too much pavement over the course of 66 miles.  Challenging for the miles and miles of flatness.  Lovely neighborhoods, wide path, friendly runners and cyclists, all in all an excellent day.

GPX track and a couple photos attached.

Here's an updated link to the trail guide and map:

I didn't find this until the night before, but it would have been nice to read through in advance.  Better yet, someone should develop an app that knows where I am and reads each section to me as I reach that mile marker  :)  The trail was mostly easy to follow, with a couple questionable spots that I'll detail in my report.  I had pre-scouted from mile 60 to the end and was really glad I did.

Some notes:
- It appears that the first 1.7 miles might now be accessible?  I didn't see this option until reading the guide later.  It was dark when I started and I didn't check the south side of Waterton Rd.  I started in the same place as all previous FKT runs, at Waterton Road.
- I ran the Titan Rd. detour at mile 8.6, same as Jeremy's successful run.
- There are "no trespassing" signs on the gate that gets you out to Titan Rd; also some road construction on Titan to make things interesting.
- At mile 36 there is signage directing trail users to the right, along Jefferson out to Colorado.  This would be the best way to go, I think.  I went north to Hampden like others have done, but there is no sidewalk on Hampden.  Using Jefferson is the same distance and would be a nicer route.
- At mile 63.8 there are "no trespassing" signs on gates at either ends of the field crossing between 38th and 40th streets.

Full report is here: