FKT: Mario Mendoza - Capilla de San Francisco (Jiquilpan, Mexico) - 2020-12-24

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
1h 46m 17s

My goal for creating this route is to get the local running clubs to come out and try it. The route passes through some very iconic places in Jiquilpan Pueblo Magico (magical town). There is no crew access until you get back on the road after mile 8. There my parents met me, mainly to help get some photos and video so I can get others to try this route. Recorded a bunch of video on my gopro and went about 85-90% on the effort so that the FKT can get broken and I'll have to come back and run it hard. There are some rocky, steep, and technical sections on the main climb and downhill which makes this route very fun. I had a lot of fun today and am excited to see more people run this loop. Almost exactly a half marathon with a decent amount of climbing for those that love the mountains.