FKT: Marisa Cummings - Rock Creek Trail (MD, DC) - 2020-10-31

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4h 45m 31s
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Took an uber up to the start of the trail from Dupont Circle, snapped a quick selfie then got rolling. First few miles through the cornfields reminded me of our favorite route in college. Really enjoyed the trails then got rolling at a good pace once I hit the pavement part. The countdown to the DC line was a bit daunting but a good checkpoint as well once there. Broke it up into 7 mile increments and stopped for snack breaks periodically. 

Trail was a bit muddy in parts due to heavy rains on Thursday, and the Western Ridge Trail was quite leafy so I took it easy through the later trail miles especially as I was getting fatigued. Had a few street crossings where it took a lot of self restraint not to stop my watch, especially the one on the Western Ridge trail where I got held up by construction. Couldn't jaywalk but I was tempted. 

Met my support crew (Spencer) at Bluff bridge in Rock Creek and then passed off my pack to him with 2 miles to go. Last lap around the Reflecting Pool was a slog but the victory lap! So great to have company. Super fun to run end-to-end as Rock Creek Trail is one I do frequently. Such a gem! Beautiful weather; couldn't have asked for a better day after the recent heat & humidity. Busy day around the Lincoln memorial! Took a few pics then scootered home.