Route: Rock Creek Trail (MD, DC)

Maryland, US
District of Columbia, US
32.4 mi

Starts at the northenmost part of the Rock Creek Trail in Olney Maryland, the address is roughly 19801-19813 Muncaster Rd, Derwood, MD 20855 (39.182411, -77.113771). This will follow the Rock Creek Trail system all of the way south until we hit the DC line at (38.986208, -77.053093). When you hit the DC line we follow the NPS's Western Ridge Trail in Rock Creek Park until Bluff Bridge at (38.936740, -77.048038) where the trail turns into Rock Creek Trail. Rock Creek Trail continues south until the Lincoln Memorial in downtown DC, where we go around the reflecting pool and end at the front of the Lincoln Memorial. About 50km.  Created a route in Strava here:

GPS Track