FKT: Mark Goodro - Goodro Round (Olympic National Park, WA) - 2021-07-16

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4h 39m 31s
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Started up the Little Quilcene trail just before 8 am in light rain. Got soaked from wet vegetation almost immediately. Climbed above the clouds on Mt Townsend and got peek-a-boo views of Hawk Peak. The rest of the ridge stayed shrouded all morning. Dropped back in to the clouds on the way to Windy Pass. Some slippery wet rocks on the scramble up Welch Peaks and on much of the ridge. Very low visibility on the ridge, had to rely on the gpx track loaded in my Garmin for navigation even though I've done this route 4 times in the last year. Had to backtrack from a spur between Peak 6020 and Silver Lake peak. Got above the clouds again on the final ascent to Hawk Peak. Dropped back in to the clouds descending into Tull Canyon. Finally got below the clouds and out of the rain near the top of Tull Canyon trail. Filtered about 1 liter of water at the stream crossing just above the crash site. Didn't stop to refill again - on previous runs I always stopped on Tubal Cain to refill at least once. Encountered 4 groups of hikers on the Tubal Cain trail. Climbed back into the clouds going up dirty face ridge. It rained for most of the final descent back to Little Quilcene TH. Ran entirely solo, no resupply other than water from a stream at about halfway through the loop.