FKT: Mark Kerry, David Bone - Haslemere Circular Walk (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-12

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
3h 31m 55s
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Started out at sunrise, the skies were clear and the temperature was -2 degrees with a wind chill factor of -6.

The first km was slow however we soon pulled it back and were hitting a rhythm ticking off some gnarly climbs and comfortable km's. As per the previous two reports the navigation was tricky in places but such a stunning route with some fantastic scenery. The climbs were a slog at times but equally the descents were fast and great fun. 

Overall we managed to take nearly 10 minutes off the existing time however ended up doing an additional 1.7km in distance and 160m in elevation (Closer to the first completion).

Would definitely recommend this route, hats off to Nick for the original submission. Myself and David have both agreed that this is in our top 5 and would happily attempt a quicker time in the future!