Route: Haslemere Circular Walk (United Kingdom)

Submitted by nickarini on Sat, 09/12/2020 - 09:50am
United Kingdom
34.7 km
Vertical Gain
900 m

Haslemere Circular Walk

Hampshire, Surrey, W Sussex

34 km / 21 miles

A circuit around Haslemere, with a large proportion of the route crossing National Trust woodland and heathland, including Gibbet Hill, Blackdown, Marley Common, Waggoners Wells and the Devil's Punch Bowl. The walk intersects with the Greensand Way. Another link to the Greensand Way is provided by the Four Stations Way (11� miles) from Haslemere to Godalming.

Stunning views, steep climbs and covering some of the most beautiful trails in the area.



I plan to do this route on Thursday 12th August 2021, it looks like a fabulous route!

I had a lot of fun doing this route today but the route description on the LDW link is very different to the GPX file, using a combination of both, I completed the route but managed to add on 4.5 extra miles... so no FKT for me!

Ah thats a shame! Having looked at the routes on here and the ldwa page they look almost identical? Maybe one you could try again though?

Thanks! I'm hoping to try this route again this week. As an example, the ldwa description took me through 2 fields though a wooden gate and into a woodland, upon checking the gpx I had to completely retrace my steps and go onto a road leading up to Barfold Farm, if I'd have continued the ldwa route at that point it would have brought me out level with Barfold farm. So the routes are very similar, but I think lots of corners are cut and also added on with the gpx! The ldwa is 23 miles, the gpx 21 miles.