FKT: Mark Oveson - Pfiffner Traverse (CO) - 2011-07-30

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Mark Oveson linked Berthoud and Milner Passes in a quick time of 37h44m, July 29-30, 2011. He did not stay on the Divide and did not summit all the peaks along the Divide. Oveson called his trip "Fast Pfiffner", with the idea to simply accomplish the full traverse in a single push. He travelled 77 miles with 21,500 vertical feet of elevation gain along the way. He summitted 18 peaks over 12,000 feet. His trip was supported along the way by friends and his wife, and Oveson was accompanied most of the way. His evocative trip report is here (3MB), and his gps track is here .

Oveson describes the Pfiffner Traverse as follows:
"As adventures go, the Pfiffner Traverse is hard to beat. Guidebook author Gerry Roach conceived and executed its first incarnation as a 16-day journey [in 1987], hiking from Berthoud Pass to Milner Pass with full backpacking gear, camping each night and climbing dozens of peaks along the way. His goal was to spend time in the high country, to visit remote areas, and to climb remote mountains along the way. He named his journey the Pfiffner Traverse, in memory of a deceased mountaineering friend who had proposed a similar adventure, and he documented the trip in two popular guidebooks."