FKT: Mark Schenberger - NJ Appalachian Trail (NJ) - 2020-09-30

Route variation
Delaware Water Gap - Culvers Gap (27 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 14m 5s

I usually try to squeeze in a race anytime I visit home in NJ, but with there being very few races these days, it made sense to finally go for an FKT.  Had been up in this way once or twice before, but never did much running on the AT.  Such a great route at just over a marathon and traversing most of the Delaware Water Gap.  Thanks Brandon for establishing the time to beat!  

Looking at the elevation change, I was thinking I could be closer to or under 4 hours, but that quickly went away once I remembered how much rockier the trails are here compared to Colorado.  I'm sure someone that's less clumsy than me on this terrain could knock quite a bit more time off.  Overall, took it steady most of the way.  Started to fade a bit at the end, but didn't completely blow up like I often do in 4+ hour efforts.

Like most point to point efforts, the best way to get back to the car is via human power, so I stashed a bike at the Culvers Gap parking area and enjoyed a nice ride back past Buttermilk Falls and along Old Mine road.  If you can coordinate it, would probably be even more fun to shuttled back via kayak or canoe on the Delaware. 

Nutrition: 1 poptart right before starting. 1 16 ounce bottle of water with maurten drink mix and 2 maurten gels during.  Possibly a little light on the water, but I got lucky with a cool, partly cloudy day. 


Nicely done!