FKT: Martin Rutherford - Isle of Bute Coastal Circumnavigation (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-21

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Standard loop
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Total time
10h 22m 13s
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The night before I checked the tide times and seen that one of the low tides was at 09:23, I decided to start at Kerrycroy and run the long 12 ish mile road section first as I wanted this out of the way. So I started at 06:34 which gave me a couple of hour window to get to the trickiest coast line part at the North end of the island near Rhubodach. I stashed 3.5 litre of water there the night before. The 12 mile run went well taking me around 2 hours to do, I consumed just under 2 litres of water and so used the stashed water to fill my backpack bladder back up and carried the other 1.5 litre bottle with me onward.

I stuck to the beach line pretty much all the way round the North end, only one section that was not passable even when the tide was at its lowest so I scrambled up the ferns and overgrowth on the cliff face and came down the other side. A couple of additional points that had to be passed by scrambles and could only be done when the tide was low.

At Ettrick bay the cafe was open but I didn't stop, I continued on and consumed some sandwiches and soft drinks that I was carrying. The scrambling around the rocks had taken its toll a bit on my legs so I plodded across the beach whilst I ate. 

Ettrick Bay round the coast line was rocky at parts, and slippery with seaweed, the coast line merges with farm land most of the way and so its relatively flat. I reached Dunagoil Bay and followed the rugged, bouldering coast line around past the caves and onwards to the light house, continuing to walk whilst I ate and run where I could, some of the terrain made it difficult to get any proper consistent pace tho. 

Past the light house took me onto a well trodden trail called the West Island Way, followed by tarmac and into the village of Kilchattan Bay, the tide was high by this point so I followed the little sand that was there along the beach line around the coast past Mount Stuart House and back to where I started.

I thoroughly enjoyed this even if it was a bit very tricky at times and demanding on the legs due to the terrain. Would definitely do it again.