FKT: Matt Cymanski - AT through Shenandoah National Park (VA) - 2020-09-19

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23h 14m 23s
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I started from the AT trailhead at 522 at midnight Saturday morning, heading southbound. I had a great crew with me along the way, with a solid group of pacers rotating throughout the day and was lucky enough to have someone running with me the whole way. I met my crew every 5 miles or so along Skyline Drive to pick up a new pacer and a new batch of nutrition. I took a longer stop to get a little more food in at Pinnacles at 6:33 AM, Swift Run Gap at 12:39 PM, and Blackrock Gap at 6:14 PM

We had no navigational issues, except for a wrong turn in the last half mile, but we went back to the point we left the trail to finish it out. I arrived at the trail kiosk at Rockfish Gap at 11:14 PM to finish in 23:14:23.