FKT: Matt Diestelmeier - AT Four State Challenge (PA, MD, WV, VA) - 2020-08-31

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7h 43m 21s

Camped at Pen Mar the night before. I pushed my start time a few mins back because of overcast skies so I could see better, especially for the beginning section that's pretty technical and harder to follow on trail. I had the speedgoat waist pack and 2 handhelds with me. Food was salt tablets and 5 spring energy with Nuun tablets in the hand held. Weather was cool for late August, and I had pretty perfect weather for about 32 miles. Last 8-10 turned into a steady, heavy rain, which made traction a little difficult on the remaining technical sections. Filled up water twice, first location was Washington Monument, second location was Gathland just before you start the 5.5 mile climb to Weverton. At no point was I stressed about water or fuel on this run. There was a point when I was thinking I could hit the upper 6 hr or lower 7 hr limit, but I bonked a little bit after Gathland and then couldn't pick up steam the rest of the way. I think if the rain didn't hit, I would have been in the 7:20s for total time. Lauren Cramer was waiting for me at the VA border and then we walked back to her car at Harper's Ferry and made the drive back to Pen Mar. At the end of the day, it was a solid run without many hiccups: lows were minimal, and yet, plenty of room for improvement.