Route: AT Four State Challenge (PA, MD, WV, VA)

Pennsylvania, US
Maryland, US
West Virginia, US
Virginia, US

This approx. 42 mile route touches 4 states (PA, MD, WV & VA) while following the Appalachian Trail.  A map is here.


I Michael Hohl will be attempting the unsupported FKT on 2/15/2019, I will be starting at the Mason Dixon Line about 6:30am. I will be carrying everything I need minus water which I will purify from various springs along the way. My beacon link is if you want to follow.

Hi! On Saturday April 6th, 2019, Shannon Cebron and myself will be attempting to set the female FKT (supported) for the Four State Challenge, on the standard route (southbound) starting at the Mason Dixon line and ending at the WV/VA state line on the AT. There currently is not a female FKT for this route, so we thought we would get it going and encourage other females to go out there and challenge it. Our Strava profiles are below.

I, Zach Valentine, will be attempting the FKT for the AT Four State Challenge unsupported on the standard north to south route on 20 April 2019. I will carry all the food required from start to finish and plan to use water purification tablets as necessary along the way. My plan is to be at Pen Marr Park ready to step off at 0530L. I will post an initial trip report to and a longer more detailed piece to at a later date.

I completed the challenge yesterday and submitted for a FKT. Weather was brutal hot and ran out of water multiple times. Check out my Strava activity for a detailed trip report,

Many thanks to Michael Hohl for answering some of my logistical questions. 

Zach Valentine gets honorable mention for his run, but not the unsupported FKT.  Zach missed a short section of the AT through Harper's Ferry, as can be seen on his Strava track.  The error shortened the course by probably only a 200m or so, and he avoided a 150' climb & descent.  Nevertheless, especially on a highly established route like the AT, it is important that runners know and follow the exact, official course.  Route knowledge is part of doing an FKT.  Zach was gracious in accepting this conclusion, when presented with his error.  We expect, however, that the next FKT aspirant will want to beat his time of 10h42m51s.  More detail & photos from Zach's run on his Strava.

I will be attempting the supported FKT on Tuesday May 14th around 6AM

Hello FKT World! Tomorrow, 5.28.2019, myself and Troy ‘Tortuga’ Allen will be attempting to set a new unsupported FKT for the AT Four State Challenge. We plan to leave the Mason Dixon Line at about 6:00am heading south. Thanks to Michael Hohl for setting such a great time to push against. You can follow our public SPOT Tracker pages by following the links below, and we’ll be using Strava to record the data as well. ?

SPOT Links:

Witt ‘el matador’ Wisebram -

Troy ‘Tortuga’ Allen -

I, Erin Kelman, will be attempting the unsupported FKT on Sunday August 4th around 7 am.  I'll carry food and will be using a Katadyn BeFree filter water bottle to refill water as needed.  

My Strava profile is:

I, Patrick Aragon will be attempting the unsupported FKT tomorrow, 8/31/19, starting at 6:45am.