FKT: Matt Lenehan - Crosstown Trail (CA) - 2020-03-18

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 46m 6s

A test of the legs and memory ?

Shout out to Mishika for driving me to the start and meeting me at the finish ?

The Good: Weather was wet & cold so that with the city shutdown lead to not a lot of people being out. I only had to stop at ~2-3 lights which is pretty lucky considering how many there are on this route.

The Bad: The bridges and stairs were wet and slippery so had to be super cautious. Took a spill going though McLaren Park. I brought a jacket and gloves but things warmed up quickly so I was already delayering and holding my gear 2 miles in. I missed one turn near Grand View Park but I don't think it cost me much time.

They're currently doing construction at Forest Hill MUNI Station so you have to go up to Plaza St to get around it. Same with the path from Baker Beach to 25th Ave/Sea Cliff but there your only option is to barge through the fence and respectfully go around the construction workers.

Here's a cool website to make it easy to buy gift cards at local eateries during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Next Up: Crosstown Trail Out-and-Back!