Route: Crosstown Trail (CA)

California, US

Urban trail running through San Francisco from Candlestick Point to Land's End.  About 16.5 miles.

There is a Strava segment for the route.

GPS Track


I'll be making an unsupported attempt on the Crosstown Trail on the morning of Sunday May 24th to establish and submit a women's unsupported time for this FKT route. Per strava the fastest women's time for the "CROSSTOWN TRAIL SF (correct route as per cue sheet)" is currently held by Amanda Webb in 3:48:08. I will be getting a ride out to the start and running northbound back across the city. I'll report back after! 

Ran the route starting just before 7:00am this morning northbound from candlestick point. Ending at the visitor center above Cliff House in a time of 2:04:43. Perfect morning out!