FKT: Matt Mohler, Ryan McDonald - Edmonton River Valley, aka Jacob Alan Trail (AB, Canada) - 2020-09-05

Route variation
one way
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Finish date
Total time
4h 31m 43s
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Myself and Ryan decided to head out early Saturday morning to try and complete the Jacob Alan Trail. After starting on the SW corner of the trail around 7:20am, we made it through the first 25km relatively easily, having to reroute and bushwhack through some trees a couple times due to some construction on parts of the trail. The legs really started hurting once we hit Goldbar Park, causing us to slow to a walk for small portions of the trail. We gritted our teeth through the next 10km, and made it even harder on ourselves when we made a wrong turn down a path that led to a dead end down by the river, which we then had to hike straight up through bushes to get back on the trail. Ran into one more significant problem where we couldn't find the path leading to the end of trail with the car in site only 400m ahead, which ended up making the finish much closer than anticipated. Was also a nice little surprise to realize my phone had fallen out on the trail at some point during our trek, adding a fun long walk afterwards to go retrieve it (thankfully the phone was still sitting in the middle of the trail untouched). All in all a great day/sufferfest!