Route: Edmonton River Valley, aka Jacob Alan Trail (AB, Canada)

Alberta, CA
47 km
Vertical Gain
400 m

Robert & Chris Friskie submitted the route, which crosses the Edmonton metro area, following the North Saskatchewan River on single track and multi-use trails. about 28 miles.  They dubbed the route the "Jacob Alan Trail" in honor of their brother:

The Jacob Alan trail (JAT) traverses the city of Edmonton Alberta Canada following the North Saskatchewan River starting at the southwest corner of Edmonton’s ring road, Anthony Henday Freeway (HWY 216), to the northeast corner of the Anthony Henday Freeway. The river can be followed using the single track and multi-use trails of the city's River Valley Trail System.

The JAT begins at the bottom of 23rd ave, at the trail head gate just west of the West pointe ravine in Windemere and ends at 153rd ave just west of Raven crest golf course.

The goal of the JAT is to follow the river as closely as possible. Crossing the river only at pedestrian foot bridges. Use the single track and multi-use trails wherever possible (diversions can be due to construction, bridges, or trail safety). Trail availability can change seasonally, as winters can be hard here in Edmonton due to an abundance of snow. Please ensure the safety of any trails that you take.

The JAT starts on the south side of the river in Windermere Park and you travel through Terwillegar Park and then cross to the north side of the river at the Terwilliger park footbridge.
This is done because of private property on the south side which forces runners to the city streets and into traffic (not cool).
Follow the river past the Edmonton Golf and Country club. Once you reach the Fort Edmonton Park footbridge cross back to the south side of the river.

The trail will then continue on the south side of the river through Fort Edmonton park, Whitemud Park, Keilor point, Hawerlak Park, U of A Forest Reserve, Kinsman Park, Walterdale Museum & Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Nellie McClung Park, the Cloverdale neighborhood below McNally Composite High School, past the Riverside golf course, and through Goldbar Park. Then cross to the north side of the river at the Rundle Park footbridge (private property begins on the Southside of the river).

The JAT will continue through Rundle Park, Hermitage Park and through the Fraser Ravine. The Fraser Ravine is not easily or safely navigated in the winter, so a detour on the multi-use trail may be needed. If the single track through the Fraser Ravine is available it would be quicker and more in the spirit of the JAT.

Once through the Fraser Ravine the multi-use trail will take you down a hill and under the Anthony Henday Freeway. Follow the path from under the Anthony Henday Freeway up the hill to the gate at 4th street. Follow 4th street to 153rd avenue. This is the end of The Jacob Alan Trail (JAT).

The Jacob Alan Trail is named after my brother that passed away unexpectedly on July 8, 2018. He was a man that did struggle with making good decisions and it was one of these decisions that cost him his life. Near the end of his life he was working on being the man that we all knew he could become. He did not get the chance. His memory reminds us that life is precious and needs to be lived every day.