FKT: Matt Moschella - Hudson Valley Triple Crown (NY) - 2021-01-23

Route variation
drive between THs
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11h 19m 0s

Went out on Sat. Jan 23, 2021 with my good friend Seabiscuit to try to establish a decent supported time on the Hudson Valley Triple Crown, driving between trailheads. We started at the Breakneck TH just north of the tunnel on Rt 9D at 7:12am, finished Breakneck at 10:27am (3:15 total), then drove to Storm King via the Bear Mountain Bridge. For aesthetic and historical reasons, we started Storm King from the Stowell Trailhead off Rt 218, but in principle, one could save a few minutes of driving by starting the loop from the parking lot on Rt 9W. We started Storm King at approximately 11:15am (4:03 total). Seabiscuit was struggling on Storm King and we made it back to the car after about 4 hours at 3:15pm (7:03 total). On to Schunemunk! Seabiscuit tapped out, so I started alone around 3:40pm (7:28 total) and finished at the Trestle TH where the white blaze reaches Otterkill Rd at 6:31pm (11:19 total time, 2:51 on Schunemunk). Total running distance was about 36-37 miles with 12-13k feet of climbing. Total driving time was about 45 minutes. I know that if I hadn't been waiting for Seabiscuit on Storm King, I would have shaved off at least an hour, possibly gone sub-10 hrs total, so there's lots of room for improvement here. I'm sure someone could take this sub-9, probably sub-8.