Route: Hudson Valley Triple Crown (NY)

Submitted by Matt Moschella on Sun, 01/24/2021 - 07:22am
New York, US
36 mi
Vertical Gain
13,000 ft

As suggested by Ben Nephew in the proboards thread from Breakneck Ridge, the established FKT routes on Breakneck Ridge, Storm King Mountain, and Schunemunk Ridge "make a great Hudson Valley trio."  All three routes are overloaded with massive climbs and stunning vistas of an aesthetic quality seldom seen so close to New York City. What's more, the trailheads of these three great routes lie within six miles of each other as the crow flies, making a linkup all the more tempting. The Hudson Valley Triple Crown consists of completing all three of these FKT routes together in a single effort, with timing starting at the starting trailhead and ending at the finishing trailhead. The linkup is made challenging, however, by the lack of a bridge over the Hudson River directly between Storm King and Breakneck Ridge. This means that the simplest way to connect the trailheads is probably to use a motorized vehicle. However, a dedicated FKTer may opt to complete the route in an entirely self-powered fashion by detouring roughly 20 miles on foot or bike to cross the Hudson at the Bear Mountain or Newburgh-Beacon Bridges or by swimming roughly 1km across the Hudson to connect Breakneck and Storm King.