FKT: Matt Ozanic - The Wedge in San Rafael Swell - 2023-11-03

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3h 54m 37s

Saw this route while looking for a quick get away weekend from Grand Junction.  What a cool place and an amazing route!! Endless views around every corner.  There were some much speedier people that did this route on Strava but until they discover that it is an FKT route, I will enjoy the victory.  Thanks Andrea S. for creating this route! I am surprised not more people are not on the board for this one and I am excited to see the speedy times once they discover it.

Beyond the run, there are so many cool sights to see along the drive up to the Wedge.  We stopped to see 2000 year old pictographs, a DOD tunnel that was carved to store bombs for WWII and so much wildlife.  I highly recommend this as a fun FKT and overall weekend getaway.