FKT: Matt Pacheco - Circum Quabbin (MA) - 2024-05-25

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Finish date
Total time
7h 54m 24s

Followed Wouter's supported route -- counter-clockwise starting at Gate 27, NET instead of 202. If following the rules/guidelines this seems like a pretty optimized path, would be interesting to see if this could be cut down any more, but to me doesn't seem likely unless some mad bushwhack is involved. If going unsupported and relying on filtering however I think a different starting point or reversing the route may be beneficial. There are many stream options on the early NET section but didn't stop, figuring the dam and dike at the halfway miles was a more timely choice and I'd have my fair share of water to choose from. Unfortunately there's no good way to get down to it, and wound up going dry til mile 33 at the East St. corner, an easy drop down stop. The only other similarly convenient spots I saw were Greenwich Dana Rd (mile ~40) and Rabbit Run (50). That was probably the main challenge for me, poor hydration planning while battling the sun. Didn't reach full bonk but the last 15 miles or so were varying degrees of a struggle, right up to the brutal uphill finish. Though there is some technical trail this is mostly road-run style, albeit with many, many...many, woods roads. I actually was looking forward to the pavement at times. Happy with the time as sub-8 was an aim, second half certainly could've been better but the first half went really well so we'll take it.